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MMA104 – Unravelling myths about Music (Assignment)

Welcome to Unravelling Myths about Music 2

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1. Singing is a natural ability of any human being
2. Skill focuses on what to do, while principles focus on ________
3. You need a Voice Coach for the following reasons except_______
38. Where is this scripture quoted in the bible?
Can two walk together except they be agreed?
5. Voice Coaches do the following except________
6. Marrying a Christian who is ministry minded is better than marrying a musician.
7. Every musician needs a personal voice coach.
8. If you can sing, you are a singer.
9. Seeing ______ as part and parcel of your life is very important if you want to be a great musician.
10. To be a great solo artise you need to have a wide   of songs for any eventualities


  1. Seth Awuah

    Answer for question 8 is Musician
    Answer for question 9 is Musician

    There wasn’t any space provided to fill it with the answers please

  2. Aduful Emmanuel Awusi

    I always get 9 out of 10 in our previous assessments but had 10 out of 10 today. Thank God for how far He’s brought me. Today’s lesson was awesome.

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