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MG113 – Electronic Dance Music

Course Outcomes:

  1. Describe what EDM Music is
  2. Tell what instruments are usually used in EDM Music
  3. State reasons why EDM Music was created

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Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Origin of EDM Music

  • Origin: African-American communities in the United States in the mid-1960s through a mixture of soul, jazz, R&B & Afro-Cuban

Characteristics of EDM Music

  • Rhythmic, Danceable, emphasizes Melody and Chord Progressions, Strong rhythmic groove of bass line

Instruments used in EDM Music

  • Bass synthesizer, Drum machine, techno, trance, inorganic sounds and timbres.
  • Horns Section, Saxophone

Purpose and Use of EDM Music

  • Created for the social function of Dancing all-night
  • Played by DJs in discos

Types of EDM Music

  • Upbeat EDM for dancing
  • Ambient EDM for relaxing





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