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Genre 12 – Hip Hop Assignment

Welcome to Genre 12 Hip Hop. You have 5 minutes to answer all questions

1. Select the odd one out
2. Hip Hop music usurped Rock Music in which year?
3. Which of these is not a characteristic of Hip-Hop?
4. Hip-Hop originated in the ______
5. African American and _________ Americans developed Hip-Hop.



    There is something that is constant with all the lessons
    1. The sound Quality
    2. The Picture Quality
    3. The video Interface
    4. And the compilation of the whole video in general
    It’s so perfect and Awesome

    I thank God for A Ministry like this and ask the Overflowing Blessings of God for everyone involved in it’s Preparation and overall unto Pastor Bernard.
    God bless you Man of God.

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