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MGA103 Music Genres 3 Assignment

Welcome to Genres 3 Classical Music. You have 5 minutes to answer all questions

1. In which century did catholic monks develop the first forms of modern European music?

2. In classical music, performers require proficiency in _________

3. Why were the first forms of modern European music developed?

4. Classical music is transmitted through _________

5. All are examples of classical music except ______

6. Identify the classical music author among these.

7. Classical music performers are not recognized as much as the authors

8. Classical Music written between the _________

9. When was the classical period?

10. All classical music is written for the _______


  1. Ms

    I have to leave more of this classical music thin, because it’s to controversial, but thanks to pastor B and the entire team God bless you y🙏🙏🙏🙏

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