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End of Month Test 1

You have 30 minutes to answer 50 questions. Take your time and answer all questions correctly. The pass mark is 60%

[qsm quiz=18]


    • Min AWUAH

      Heeee I descerned this test coming and I was revising unknowingly. But still I think maybe it might be a mistake because the challenges I was having earlier with the logging in.
      God bless the Administrators.

  1. Andrews

    Hmm…good but I don’t understand something…A is a verse n B is a chorus …so the structure of ABCBCC should start with Verse n not intro…the one with intro as first is really confusing me so I need an explanation….also in the song Made a way by Travis greene …Travis spoke of his testimony at the later and of the song which I think was a Coda or bridge n not in the verse….”_My song is breathing,my song is living ,when the doctors say no ,You said yes…this is a testimony n was at the end of it…I need explanation pls

    • umsdigital

      Your submission is duly noted. As earlier indicated, advanced forms of Song structure will be handled in higher classes. This was only limited to basics.

      In general sense you A does not always designated as the verse, but rather as the first part of the song. so if you include an intro in your song for example followed by a chorus, then A would be your intro, B would be your chorus and probably C would be your verse

      If you need more clarification, it would be handled in the interactive zoom session

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End of month Exam