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MT104 – Basic Music Theory 4 (Assignment)

Welcome to Basic Music Theory 3b

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1. Every note has a beat value in them

2. Tone is the quality of _______ produced.

3. The secondary pitches within the sound is known as.

4. The difference between a tone and a note is that a note also possesses a _________

5. A musical note played 3 times is _______

6. The ability to recognize the pitch of a note or produce any given note is termed as _______

7. The different kinds of overtones produced by a singer is what determines the uniqueness of their voice.

8. A system of tones (scales) used in a piece of music is ________

9. The example "This is the air I breathe" as used in the lesson was sang and played in what key?

10. All acoustic sounds also possess overtones of other _______


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