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MGA101 – Introduction to Genres Assignment

Welcome to Introduction to Genres. You have 5 minutes to answer all questions

6. Popular Music is often written for ______

2. All these are examples of Art Music except

3. _______ Music is mostly classified as for the elite or learned

4. Religious music is also known as ________ music

5. The study of genres is important because it increases musical

7. Disco is a genre of music as secular is a _______ of music

8. Popular music is stored and distributed in non-written form while _________ music is mostly written

9. Blue Grass is a genre of music.

10. Secular music is also know as______


  1. Juliet Makafui

    Thank God for another wonderful lesson given to us by pastor B God bless you pastor and the entire team, but please sometimes we find it very difficult to login to our site and sometimes to we can’t write our names when we are done with our assignments, like Today I was not able to write my name all because the page was not working 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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