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Theoretical Test – Introduction to breathing

Answer all questions correctly

1. In singing breating, the exhale is longer than the inhale and must be made with steady (even) exertion
2. We use up to 50 percent of our lung capacity
3. Singing is the result of a process called __________
4. During phonation, air passes through a person’s ________
5. When a person breathes normally, the inhalation and exhalation are relatively ________.
6. Without the proper amount of air passing through the vocal folds, a _______ is not possible.
7. During regular breaths are relatively ________because our body exerts the minimum amount of effort possible.
8. Right breathing makes your body _______ and pliable, even under the most challenging singing demands.
9. Based on how the singer chooses to ________ the tension in their vocal folds, they can change the type of sound they produce.
10. Improving breathing technique allows a singer to have more control over?
11. All these are proper ways to prepare for breathing exercise except
12. According to the study, "Breathing is the process of taking air into and   it from the lungs"

13. Genesis 2:7

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the ; and man became a living soul.

14. Based on how the singer chooses to increase or decrease the tension in their vocal folds, and the amount of air passing through them, they can change the type of they produce.
15. Your breathing is what your voice
16. Right breathing sustains singing
17. Right Breathing builds the ability to execute advanced techniques like and tremolos
18. Not knowing at which cadence to inhale or exhale is a cause of in singers
19. Comfortable Vibrato is a sign of breathing while singing.
20. How you exhale affects many aspects of your singing such as your quality


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