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Review Exam 2 – April 26, 2020

Kindly answer the questions in 60 minutes and submit.

Kindly answer the following questions in 1 hour

[contact-form to=”[email protected]”][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”Date” type=”text” required=”1″ /][contact-field label=”1. What is Prayer?” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”2. State 3 reasons why prayer is important in the life of a musician” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”3. What times must a musician pray?” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”4. Name 4 musicians in the Bible” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”5. List 5 effects of lack of prayer in the life of a musician” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”6. List 3 necessary elements in prayer or right ways to pray” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”7. List 3 things that can hinder our prayers as musician” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”8. Why is it important to agree in prayer with other musicians in the ministry?” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”9. What roles does prayer play in achieving the vision of the ministry?” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”10. Where in the bible can you find “Pray without Ceasing”?” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”11. What is perfect harmony in music?” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”12. Explain teamwork in ministry” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”13. How does good teamwork affect vocal harmony?” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”14. Can there be vocal harmony without unity?” type=”radio” options=”Yes,No” /][contact-field label=”15. Quote three (3) scriptures that highlight the benefits of unity.” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”16. What is Vision?” type=”text” /][contact-field label=”17. State 3 Reasons why it is important to follow a vision as a ministry.” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”18. Can a vision be destroyed?” type=”radio” options=”Yes,No” /][contact-field label=”19. Explain your argument to question 18.” type=”textarea” /][contact-field label=”20. State 3 things that can hinder the progress of a vision as a ministry and point out solutions.” type=”textarea” /][/contact-form]

Glow Music Review Exam

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