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Deep Breathing

Welcome to your Deep Breathing

1. During deep breathing, you fill your _____ with air
2. Deep breathing helps you with singing _________
3. Short and shallow breaths during singing can cause you to ______
4. During the deep breathing exercise, as you breathe out, you feel your belly _________
5. Professional singers need the technique of deep breathing as opposed to choristers.
6. The Spirit of God hath ______ me,
7. We sing over time.
8. To breathe deeply, breathe through your nostril and breathe out through your
9. During the deep breathing exercise, the hand on your , should move more than the on on your
10. To breathe comfortably put pillows under your head and


  1. Sedinam Success Beatrice Gamado

    Thank you Pastor sir.
    Please i got questions number 8 wrong. I answered Nostrils but you stated correct answer as Nostril. Please can you explain further. Thank you. 🙏🏾

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