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Rudiments of Music

This is a basic course that is tailored for all music workers to learn very important basic elements of music which is a stepping stone to other courses



This is a basic course is tailored for singers to learn very important aspects of music such as Vocal Health, Song Learning skills, Music Theory among others.


Become a creative writer and change the world with the words of a song. This course features lyric writing as well as song composition and it is a great course for all musicians 


Advanced Vocalist

This course is a step-up of the Vocalist course which features topics like Communicaion on and off stage, Diction and Synchronization

Basic Minister

Do you want to discover your call as a Music Minister or get tips to a thriving Music Ministry? Sign up for this course


Advanced Minister

Here, we have resources for music leaders who desire to grow their craft and gain new skills. One-on-one reviews are available to help you assess your progress

Music Director

This course has modules which include how to organize a rehearsal effectively. Get your choir members getting along with the Attitude Module in this course